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Robert's 2023 Frozen Feet Challenge

We know it is tough to get moving in the winter, so we encourage you to join Robert's for the Frozen Feet Challenge. Beginning Tuesday, February 1st, bundle up and get outside to walk, run, or hike at least one mile per day for all of February, OUTSIDE. No treadmills allowed. The WV weather adds an extra element to this challenge! Register by 2/1 at the bottom of this page.

Frozen Feet Kick Off Party

February 1st - 5pm - both shops

Start your Frozen Feet Challenge off right with a group 1 mile walk from each shop. The one mile turn around will be marked. You can walk or run and of course go further than 1 mile too! Drinks and snacks provided.

Screenshot or print this calendar to keep track of your progress!

We also have paper copies available at each shop.

# of people registered: 283

Frozen Feet 2023 calendar.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to be challenged?

Registration is free. Fill out the below form to join the 2023 Frozen Feet Challenge!

Which of our shops do you generally visit?

Thanks for joining the Frozen Feet Challenge!

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