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Meet the Team
Knowledgable staff you can count on

Running History: Started running at age 12 to keep up with Dad while he jogged in the park. First taste of success was during eighth-grade year (BHMS county champs). Ran varsity four years in High School (Huntington East). Selected three times all-state in Cross Country. Ran for Marshall University, three years on scholarship. Made USA national duathlon team four times, raced at Duathlon World Championships twice, as well as Spartan Elite World Championships. Have completed iron and sprint distance triathlons, marathons, ultra marathons, adventure races, and multiple mountain and road bike races.

Motivation: My nephew Preston Brewster.

Favorite Quote: “Adversity causes some to break, causes others to break records.”

Favorite Running Memory: First college race after two years of physical therapy following auto accident.


Chief Operating Officer

Running History: I ran my first 5k at age 9 and beat my step-dad. I thought that was pretty cool and I’ve been running ever since! I ran through high school and then four years at Marshall. GO HERD!

Motivation: My motivation changes every day, right now I run to stay fit. I ran for a team for 10 years, so it’s kind of nice to run for me now… no pressure!

Favorite Quote: The faster you run the faster you’re done!

Favorite Running Memory: My best running memory was anchoring the winning Ohio Div.1 4×800 at the State meet my senior year of high school. What a day!

Favorite Shoe: My favorite shoe ever was the Saucony Guide 2, I think I went through about 7 pairs of them! Right now I run mostly in the New Balance 1080.

Favorite Run/Race: My favorite race is the 1500 on the track, but I really love the atmosphere of local 5k races and seeing such a variety of people having a great time running together.


Running History: I began running in 7th grade and really enjoyed it but didn’t actually LOVE running until my sophomore year of high school when I started running again.

Motivation:  I guess my original motive was that I’ve always been competitive and never liked losing so I just enjoyed the challenge of beating people. But after a while, I became motivated to be the best in my high school and then to get a college scholarship.

Favorite Quote: Anything Jimmy V said in his ESPY’s speech.

Favorite Running Memory: I’d have to say my best memory was making it to states in cross country my senior year (which, in hindsight, doesn’t seem to impressive or difficult) but I was basically the only runner on my high school team and was a huge underdog and Brooke High doesn’t have much of a running program so it was pretty awesome coming across the finish line knowing I made it to states.

Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Rider/Saucony Kinvara

Favorite Run/Race: My favorite race as of now would probably be the 800. It is just a different feeling of pain and enjoyment somehow mixed in to one. There’s no feeling like the last 200 of an 800, especially if you’re passing people or in a close race.

VP of Operations


Chief Brand Officer

Running History: My first time running competitively was in the 5th grade after signing myself up for the Hershey Track Meet. From there I ran track and cross country all three years of middle school, four years of high school, and one year at Marshall.

Motivation: My main motivation is really to stay competitive and fit.

Favorite Quote: “Ya gotta wanna.”

Favorite Running Memory: Probably winning the 2023 Ville to Ville Relay. It was just a great day running with the boys, acting like some dawgs, and getting the "dub".

Favorite Shoe: The Saucony Triumph. My favorite version ever was the Triumph ISO 2. That shoe was legit.

Favorite Run/Race: I love a good long run, usually on the trails, but on the road is fine too. It's just nice to go out for a couple of hours, run comfortably, and kind of piece together the run as you go.


Manager (Huntington)

Running History: I started running in the 6th grade and knew I was hooked after my first race. I ran at University High for four years and was part of 2 State Championships and 3 Top 10 Finishes. I ran at Marshall for four years and was 2x All-Conference CUSA. Now I'm a competitive ultra runner racing all over the country!

Motivation: My motivation is running with the boys and working at Robert's where I get to meet lots of people with the same running passion as me.

Favorite Quote: “Hungry dogs run faster!”

Favorite Running Memory: Winning the 2023 Ville to Ville Relay with the Robert's crew! We are all really competitive, but also know how to have a good time when it comes to racing.

Favorite Shoe: The Hoka Clifton 6 was my all-time favorite. The new Nimbus 25 is my go-to right now.

Favorite Run/Race: The Bandera 100k in Texas. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I'll definitely do it again.


Manager (Huntington)

Running History: I first started running as a freshman in high school on the cross country team as a way to stay in shape for swimming.  I quickly knew I would be only running as soon as possible.   I went on to win some district titles, multiple races, and placing third at my third Pennsylvania state XC meet.  I was then lucky enough to run for Marshall University’s mens cross country team for five years and place all-conference twice.  I now have settled into the ultra side of running, preferring to run 100 mile distances.   


Motivation: I am motivated by suffering.  I find my purpose when I am doing physically and mentally tough things.  I want other people to know that it is possible to do incredible things, things you think you cannot do.  I am running to hopefully inspire people to do the things they think they can’t.   


Favorite Quote: My mentor growing up was a man named Lance Pledger.  He is one of the largest reasons I am the person I am today.  Pledger left me with two quotes that I still think about daily.  He said, “you must be willing to suffer!” And you need to “keep pushing toughly!”  


Favorite Run/Race: I have been very lucky to have so many great running experiences.  I refuse to pick one.  Shout out to my running partner Sydney, brother Fred, The “Boys”, or Pledger. 


Sales Associate (Huntington)

Running History: I Started running when I was in middle school on a whim and ended up loving both my teammates and the environment that I was in.  I decided to do track and field all the way through high school and then ran for Marshall university in the 400 and 800 meters.  Now I am mostly training for longer road and trail races. 


Motivation: My motivation stems from the feeling of satisfaction I get after finishing tough races/runs. Having a race to train for also keeps me motivated because I know I need to be ready for it. 

Favorite Quote: “Set big goals and learn to love the work that gets you to them.” – Des Linden


Favorite Running Memory: My favorite running memory is crossing the finish line in first place for my team’s 4x400 relay in our state meet my sophomore year of high school.

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