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Is it time for new shoes, but you can't find the time to make it to either Robert's location for a replacement pair? Don't worry, we can ship you your shoes! Even better, we don't charge for shipping.


If you want to order the exact same pair of shoes (brand, model, and size), you can place your order here online, and we'll ship the shoes right to you. Please fill out the form below as completely as you can. We'll have a sales associate call you within 1 business day to obtain any additional information and process payment over the phone.


The lifespan of a shoe lasts approximately 300-500 miles or 6ish months depending on your activity level. A common source of running injuries is worn-out shoes, so it's important to keep your feet protected and well-supported.


If the shoe has been updated since the last time you purchased the shoe (this typically happens once a year) or doesn't match a purchase in our system, it may be best for you to come back in for a more complete fitting.



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